Friday, April 8, 2011

1500/1 mile world record.

Since I already did a post about the world record for the 800 meter I will move on to the mile/1500. I plan on soon featuring up to date news on track and recent races rather than only featuring records. The world record for the mile and 1500 meters is Hicham el Guerrouj of Morocco. He has the World record in the 1500 for a time of 3:26.00, and the mile for a time of 3:43.13. He can be considered the greatest Track athlete to have ever lived for his record in the 1500/mile. He isnt as fast as Usain Bolt or have as much Stamina as Hailie Gerbrselassie (marathon record holder), although he is considered the greatest for having the record in his event. The 1500 meter and the Mile are considered the greatest races in track because they are the middle races that require speed and stamina, you need to be a well rounded athlete to run it. Hicham is one in a million, he is the only person who holds a world record in a race above 400 meters that isnt from Kenya or Ethiopia. Hicham el Guerrouj is very skilled and is debatably the best runner to have ever lived (until someone beats him). He made history and shall forever remain in it.


  1. That was close but Hicham El Guerrouj nailed it at the end and won the world record!

  2. That guy looks like he's going to eat me...
    but yeah, kudos to the blog theme. Track and field are great, but track will always be the best for me.