Tuesday, April 5, 2011

World record 200 meter.

Usain Bolt. He can run a 9.58 for 100 meters, which is amazing. But what is possibly even more impressive is his World record in the 200 meters with his time of 19.19. Do the math 9.58 x 2=19.16. So that means Usain Bolt nearly ran his 100 meter time TWICE for his world record at 200 meters. His last 100 meters to his world record 200 I believe were faster than 9.58, which is very impressive. Thus meaning his first 100 meters around the curve was slower than 9.58. Now to get into the significance of 19.19. That world record is 0.13 seconds faster than the previous world record of 19.32 held by michael johnson (dont worry johnson you still got the 400 meter). 0.13 seconds is a very large amount in a sprinting race, Usain Bolt just blew it away. For example David Rusisha's world record 800 meter was 0.10 seconds faster than the previous world record, compared to 0.13 seconds by Usain Bolt and the 800 meter is 4 times longer than the 200 meter, so maybe that puts it into perspective of how much Usain blew it away!


  1. wow, this is pretty ridiculous.

  2. wow amazing!