Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4x100 meter World Record
Yes another post with Usain Bolt, but not all the credit can go to him this time. The 4x100 meter relay world record smashed by Jamaica, 0.3 seconds faster than the previous world record. Although Usain was not the final leg. Usually the last leg is the fastest leg to the 4x100. But after thinking about it I think I realized why they made the order the way they did. Usain is very fast even on the curve, and the anchor of this race, Asafa Powell, is very fast also, but not on the turn. Asafa also runs faster when he's on his own and there is no one around him. The order seemed to work very well too, Asafa ran a blazing fast last leg, and they creamed the world record. Watch the last leg with Asafa Powell, he is a machine! He was just rolling down the straightaway like clockwork. Asafa may have run the or at least close to the fastest technical 100 meters. If his time was faster than 9.58 it wouldnt count because he had a running start for the relay. But regardless, a great performance. I am sorry about the quality of the video, and I am sorry about making so many posts about Usain Bolt. Next post I think I will try someone different.
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