Thursday, April 28, 2011

Penn Relays/Drake Relays

The Penn relays and Drake relays are underway. The Penn relays are taking place in philadelphia Pennsylvania and the Drake relays are taking place in Des Moines Iowa. Both will be held on university tracks for Drake University and Penn State. The Penn relays is the largest meet in America and will last a period of 5 days. Runners from the High School, Collegiate and Professional level will be competing. Usain Bolt will be at the relays, along with many others. Although there may not be too many amazing times from the professional level of athletes competing because their season has just begun. The Relays will still be a blast and we can look for an impressive performance from Usain Bolt and the Jamaican 4x100m. team. The Drake relays is a large meet although not as large as the Penn Relays there are many spectators and services. The Drake Relays does not have as many world class runners as the Penn Relays but the fans dont come just for that, they stay for nearly the whole time watching all the events rather than staying for 1 or 2. Either way we can expect a lot from the Penn and Drake Relays this year.